Our Cooperatives – The Earthworker Cooperative Network

Worker co-operatives are a different way of doing business. These businesses are owned and controlled by the workers, and return profits back to workers and their communities. They put communities back in control of our economic lives and enable us to collectively use our labour in ways that give back to the planet and each other.

There are many examples around the world of people using co-operative networks in order to give their local economies a boost in a more positive direction.
We aim to support more diverse cooperatives as we grow.

The currently operating co-ops in the Earthworker network are:

Earthworker Energy Manufacturing Co-op produces new energy technology in a worker-run factory in the Latrobe Valley. We offer high-performing heat pump & solar hot water systems with our premium ‘Made in Morwell’ stainless steel storage tanks, plus a range of innovative mobile energy storage solutions.

Earthworker Smart Energy Cooperative (ESEC) is a full-spectrum, integrated energy services cooperative focused on socialising benefits of the energy transition. ESEC’s goal is to help customers save money by giving them more control over their energy.

HOPE Co-Op is a co-operative of young adults based in Melbourne, Australia.
We support other young women and men from asylum-seeking backgrounds as they complete their education and move into sustainable employment. For many, that community of support continues as they move into their chosen careers.

We are a worker-owned cooperative providing high quality residential construction, landscaping and maintenance. The cooperative model provides a structure which supports the aspirations of our members and pride over the services we deliver by giving each of us equal ownership of our work.

Cooperative Power (CoPower) is an energy retailer jointly-created by unions, environmental NGO’s, community groups & Earthworker.
CoPower is a way for us to come together and create an energy sector that is clean and sustainable, affordable and democratic. Switch your home energy provider today and help us ‘take the power back