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Worker co-operatives are a different way of doing business. These businesses are owned and controlled by the workers, and return profits back to workers and their communities. They put communities back in control of our economic lives and enable us to collectively use our labour in ways that give back to the planet and each other.

These enterprises and organisations work best when they work together. There are many examples around the world of people using co-operative networks in order to give their local economies a boost in a more positive direction.

An Earthworker member organisation is a democratic member-based organisation that supports cooperative principles and values. Member organisations enter into a contract of association that sets out binding mutual obligations, duties and arrangements between a member organisation and Earthworker.

Earthworker Energy Manufacturing Cooperative is making the highest quality Solar hot water systems in the heart of Gippsland, Victoria. We are building worker-owned manufacturing and a better future with products that are made to last.

Melbourne’s only worker-owned cleaning cooperative uses natural products to get your home or office sparkling, while providing dignified, safe and well paid work to their members. 

Cooperative power is a new energy retailer that is a joint creation of unions, environmental NGO’s and Earthworker.

Cooperative Power is a way for us to come together and create an energy sector that is clean and sustainable, affordable and democratic.

HOPE Co-Op is a member-owned and run workers’ cooperative. Our members, including our board, are mostly tertiary students who have sought asylum in Australia, and are now studying at TAFE or university. HOPE’s co-operating involves building peer and community connection, occasional financial help for full-time student members, employment preparation, and customer service provision within the tertiary education sector.