Thank you for being an Earthworker Member!

Thank you for your ongoing support of Earthworker through your membership contributions. Please renew your membership to remain an active member of Earthworker Cooperative.

If you are not already, we strongly encourage members to switch to a monthly contribution if they have the means. Contributing on a monthly basis gives us a stable and regular income so we can plan ahead and spend less time fundraising! We have this as an option for as little as $10 a month which is also tax deductible. This provides vital financial security for our ongoing work which at this point is almost entirely unpaid volunteering.

Again, thanks so much for your vital support for the project, it is greatly appreciated.

Monthly Membership Renewal – form adjacent (if you can not see this click here)

Annual Membership Renewal Options:
Unwaged Annual Membership Renewal $25
Waged Annual Membership Renewal $70